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Shark signs posted in Waikiki after the tiger shark diver gets caught

Shark signs to Waikiki after the tiger shark is caught diver Shark signs to Waikiki after receiving a tiger shark catches a diver. 10-foot shark found in Kaimana Beach about 11:15 on Saturday in Waikiki. Ocean Safety officials say the shark was spotted about 200 meters from the … Read more about rel = “nofollow” href = Hawaii News Now

read «Aloha» not welcome in Hawaii Some of the local people believe Hawaii can read to explain the «Aloha” is very cute, but the local authorities have a different opinion. This “graffiti” has turned into two parts: Hawaii Kai and Kapolei areas in Honolulu County, HLN affiliate KHON2 reports. Some people think … Read more about HLNtv.com