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Disabled supporters: Damaged carpets walkway are at risk for

supporters in use: Damaged carpets walkway create risks Blind pedestrians Richard Koja says the ADA mats are designed to help disabled people to cross busy highways. But the 54-year-old resident of Pearl City says many of them are in disrepair, creating hazards. “Blind depends on the ability to feel, if it seems a little … Read more Hawaii News Now
Lawmakers advance Hawaii Hiking the minimum wage | West Hawaii Today HONOLULU – Hawaii’s minimum wage will increase to almost $ 3 within three years, under the bill the State Senate proceeded to Friday. minimum wage was $ 7.25 an hour in the last seven years. increase that 95 cents a year until it reaches … Read more rel = “nofollow” West Hawaii Today
HPU joins the group wants to double the number of U.S. students abroad Hawaii Pacific University students, from left, Sami Alamran, Alrakah Salam, Mohammed Bahaffi, Naif Alquthami, Abdul Karem Alarifi and Sultan Alghamdi set in Saudi Student Club Advisor Shirley Zhuang 29 at the annual Multicultural Day HPU … Read more Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Hawaii legislative batting around the minimum wage “for seven years, the minimum wage remained in Hawaii to $ 7.25 per hour, while the the cost of goods and services have increased, “the bill reads.” For example, seven years ago, the average price of gas was $ 2.81 per gallon. Today, it is about Read more … rel = “nofollow” West Hawaii Today